• What to Look for When Choosing a VFD

    A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a motor controller that varies the voltage and frequency received by the electric motor. It offers many benefits including: Increasing the lifespan of the motor Energy savings Reducing the risks of motor damage linked to startup and stop. Using the correct VFD, you boost productivity and profit in your business. These reasons are why it is crucial to select a VFD suitable to your particular application. Below are some things to look for when choosing a VFD: Voltage In the case of a three-phase input, the voltage on-site must match th
    02 Mar
  • PdMA Tip of the Week: DC Drives

    This week's PdMA tip: DC Drives Did you know that DC Drive reliability is a major factor in the production of your automotive tires? A DC drive is designed to supply Direct Current (DC) to a DC motor. However, with a failing front end of the DC drive, more of an AC signal can be delivered resulting in high vibration, elevated temperature, poor operation and reduced life expectancy of the drive and motor. Without performing the correct analysis, the wrong decision might be to replace the DC motor. PdMA® Corporation is an industry leader in the field of predictive maintenance (PdM
    01 Mar
  • On-Site Dynamic Balancing Benefits and Features You Need to Know

    Ensuring the excellent condition of your machines in the facility goes a long way in helping prevent unscheduled downtime and increasing productivity at the same time. By performing certain techniques such as dynamic balancing, you address potential issues linked with unbalance and misalignment. We will look at the features and benefits of on-site dynamic balancing, the tasks involved, and why it is worth implementing as a part of your equipment maintenance program. Machines Misalignment Issues Upon installing a new piece of equipment in machinery, it is important to make sure bal
    28 Feb
  • Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Electric Motors

    As the owner or operator in any industrial environment, you want everything to operate like a well-oiled machine. For that to take place; many factors need to fall in line. These factors include the equipment at your facility, such as the electric motors. As one of your larger assets, electric motors drive your business. But when problems occur, things grind to a halt. When cared for, an electric motor may last for 10 to 15 years or perhaps longer. Unfortunately, there are also many problems that occur with motors. These include bearing damage, shaft breakage, or winding burnout. Knowi
    21 Feb
  • Why You Should Implement Annual IR Scans in Your Facility

    As a business owner, it is only practical not to take any chances when it comes to your precious investment. With proper maintenance of your equipment, you spare yourself from an unexpected interruption in production and loss of profits. This maintenance is also one way of ensuring your customers' satisfaction with a timely delivery and consistent, excellent quality of products. With all these things in mind, maximizing uptime must be your ultimate goal in running your business. It is also vital to stay on top of your game in this tough global economy. Thus, performing an annual infra
    16 Feb
  • PdMA Tip of the Week: Smaller is Bigger

    This week's PdMA tip: Smaller is Bigger DC motors are relatively simple machines consisting of an armature winding (rotating) and shunt/series windings (stationary). Energizing these two primary components of the DC motor creates two magnetic fields that push or pull each other to make the armature rotate. Recording a winding resistance value of these components is a common practice during de-energized motor testing for trending or troubleshooting. When it comes to measuring winding resistance, remember our tip that smaller is bigger. Bear in mind that the smaller the wire size, the gr
    15 Feb
  • What You Should Know about an Arc Flash and Arc Blast

    Arc flash incidents are among the common causes of electrical injuries in a facility. These events result from a combination of heat and light emitted during a dangerous electrical explosion. With hot gasses released into the air by an arc flash, they immediately melt metals and similar materials. Copper and other metals also tend to vaporize in an explosive manner because of the high temperature. The plasma arc becomes even more powerful as vaporized metal provides this effect. Moreover, fatalities occur from arc flash incidents. Severe injuries include eyesight damage and radiation
    14 Feb
  • Understanding the Basics of an AC Induction Motor

      To understand how an AC induction motor works, it helps to look into the basics of magnetism and electromagnetic induction. We will break these two ideas down and how they impact the functions of AC induction motors. Basic Magnetism Magnetism refers to the force that attracts or repels two objects from each other. This action takes place because of a magnetic field that exists with the movement of electrically charged particles. Magnets, for instance, have a strong magnetic field which attracts certain ferrous materials to them such as nickel, steel, cobalt, and iron. Identical p
    09 Feb
  • How Much Do You Know About Hollow Shaft Motors?

    There are many different types of motors that used across a wide range of industries. Some of them are specific to certain tasks, while others care for a wide variety of needs. In the agricultural industry, one of the common types of motors used is the hollow shaft irrigation motor. It solves an issue often seen in agriculture, the need to water crops when the reservoirs are not adequate. History For many years, people used groundwater to water their crops. They used horizontal pumps above ground to pull the water up to the surface. The problem was there were high operating costs invol
    07 Feb
  • Advantages of Using an AC Drive

    An AC drive controls the speed generated by an electrical motor by altering the power supply's frequency. By using an AC drive with motors operating at a constant speed, it is possible for operators to meet speed and process control, along with other benefits. The following are among the important benefits of an AC drive to your motors, productivity level, and profits. Benefits of an AC Drive Reduced Starting Current Most designs geared towards a lower starting current tend to compromise the size, power factor, cost, and energy efficiency. These designs are why AC induction motors are likel
    02 Feb
  • PdMA Tip of the Week: the #1 Motor Killer Is …

    This week's PdMA tip: #1 Motor Killer Is ... You guessed it. Heat. Excessive temperature is the #1 killer of electric motor insulation. However, not always does the remaining evidence lead the investigator to the root cause. So what could be the root cause of excessive heat? High resistance connections, severe rotor bar defects, improper ventilation, poor power quality, etc. With so many root causes resulting in high temperatures, it is no wonder heat the #1 killer of your electric motor. Get a handle on these root causes with your PdM technologies, and you will get a handle on the
    01 Feb
  • 3 Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your VFD

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) serve an important purpose of ensuring the speed of your AC induction motor is at a desirable rate. Thus, the use of VFDs help improve the performance of a motor, as well as prolonging its lifespan. It is instrumental in minimizing the risks of premature wear and tear of AC induction motors, along with the enhancement of the process control and energy efficiency. It is possible to change the speed of the motor at a quick rate through a VFD. A VFD is beneficial in addressing any changes in temperature, force, and load. As a result, the process control be
    31 Jan
  • Preventing Problems With Preventative Maintenance

    There are many different pieces of equipment relied on more than others at your facility. In manufacturing, electric motors are the most critical equipment in the building. They not only drive your business; they are an essential part of almost everything that takes place. In fact, they may be one of the largest assets in any facility. When working normally, motors add to the productivity and efficiency of your operation. The opposite is also true. When motors fail, they halt your process. Rising expenses occur each moment of downtime. Being reactive to motor maintenance costs you i
    26 Jan
  • Know Your Motor’s Health With Cable Testing

    Do not underestimate the importance of keeping your facility running at any given time. There is a myriad of circumstances that result in unexpected downtime. Taking care of your equipment is one of the best ways to cut surprises. Avoid those surprises and downtime with maintenance and routine cable testing. Among the ways to test your cables are polarization index (PI) and insulation resistance (IR) testing. A Tale of Two Similar Ways of Cable Testing When looking at cable testing, there is confusion sometimes because IR testing is like PI testing. The two test work well together. See
    24 Jan
  • Knowing How to Deal with Bearing Failures is a Security Blanket

    Electric motors are vital to any manufacturing facility. They represent a significant amount of commitment in investment and maintenance. Protecting your investment requires paying attention to details. Healthy ball bearings are one of the most important details keeping your investment from failure. With proper maintenance and care, ball bearings last for a long time. Because of their fragility, it is important to ensure correct installation and application of the bearings to extend their lifespan. Certain issues occur, however, if bearings are not lubricated or installed the correct w
    19 Jan