• Happy New Years!

    We're grateful for you stopping by on this first day of 2017. Here's to a successful and splendid new year! The Year by Ella Wheeler Wilcox What can be said in New Year rhymes, That’s not been said a thousand times? The new years come, the old years go, We know we dream, we dream we know. We rise up laughing with the light, We lie down weeping with the night. We hug the world until it stings, We curse it then and sigh for wings. We live, we love, we woo, we wed, We wreathe our brides, we sheet our dead. We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear, And that’s the burden
    01 Jan
  • Top Posts of 2016: 10 to 1

      2016 has been another great year for WATTS New! I can't begin to express my gratitude for your considerable support. 18 months ago, I decided to cut back the number of articles each week to two. Despite publishing almost half the number of articles in 2015, our visitors rose 6.5%, while page views rose 14.5%. WATTS New published 81 articles this year. This is the second part of our rankings: articles #10 to #1. 10. Predictive Maintenance: extending the life of a motor Companies using predictive maintenance programs can prevent unplanned downtime and extend the lives of ro
    29 Dec
  • PdMA Tip of the Week: Good PF Failed Motor

    This week's PdMA tip: Good PF Failed Motor The installation of power factor (PF) correction capacitors is commonplace throughout industrial facilities. Their job is to prevent large inductive loads from lowering plant PF to a level where the utility starts to impose demand charges. Often these demand charges can be expensive. It is important to know if and where PF correction caps are installed when performing EMAX tests on large AC Induction motors. PF capacitors have a significant influence on the EMAX test equipment measured values. They also impact the ability for the overload
    28 Dec
  • Top Posts of 2016: 20 to 11

    2016 has been another great year for WATTS New! I can't begin to express my gratitude for your considerable support. 18 months ago, I decided to cut back the number of articles each week to two. Despite publishing almost half the number of articles in 2015, our visitors rose 6.5%, while page views rose 14.5%. WATTS New published 81 articles this year and here are the 20 most popular. This is the first part of our rankings: articles #20 to #11. Our next post features articles #10 to #1. 20. 4 Ways to Take Care of Your Bearings Protecting your investment of electric motors should
    27 Dec
  • Wishing You and Yours Merry Christmas!

    From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! The Three Kings by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Three Kings came riding from far away, Melchior and Gaspar and Baltasar; Three Wise Men out of the East were they, And they traveled by night and they slept by day, For their guide was a beautiful, wonderful star. The star was so beautiful, large and clear, That all the other stars of the sky Became a white mist in the atmosphere, And by this, they knew that the coming was near Of the Prince foretold in the prophecy. Three caskets they bore on their saddl
    25 Dec
  • Keep Your DC Motors Healthy With These Tips

    Cutting operating costs while increasing the bottom line is a sensible move for any facility. This is why an effective maintenance program is essential to achieve these goals. In particular, DC motors are more tedious and critical to maintaining as compared to AC motors. So, be sure to put in place these tips on improving the condition of your DC motors. Creating an effective program prolongs their lifespan and prevent expensive (and unnecessary) repairs. Perform Regular Visual Checks Make it a habit of monitoring and observe the condition of your DC motor. Keep a record of any inconsis
    22 Dec
  • PdMA Tip of the Week: Don’t Forget the Grease!

    This week's PdMA tip: Don't Forget the Grease! Occasionally due to misapplication, voltage irregularity, faulty component, or just plain operator error, we find that we have overheated one of our electric motors. A Class B insulation system is rated for 130 °C (266 °F). The appropriate action following an overheating situation is to perform a comprehensive insulation test including: Resistance-to-Ground Capacitance-to-Ground Polarization Index Inner-Phase Step Voltage Test. Organizations with advanced maintenance and reliability have a history or baseline of this d
    21 Dec
  • Know 2 of the Most Common Methods of Motor Testing?

    Electric motor systems drive your industry in more ways than one. On a global basis, there is an estimated 300 million electric motors in operation. Plus, 30 million new electric motors are sold annually for industrial use. On average they account for almost 70% of the electrical consumption at most industrial facilities. When any problems occur, it brings your business to a grinding halt. Regular testing of the electrical motors provides many benefits to your business. These benefits include financial savings, energy conservation, improved safety, and increased uptime. The opposite is
    20 Dec
  • Boosting the Condition of Your Equipment

    Business productivity and profits depend on the optimum performance of the equipment in your facility. When motor failure creates unscheduled downtime, this impacts the smooth operation of your business. Improve the condition of your equipment using the following essential techniques. Regular inspections and current operator training go a long way Large machinery utilized in the facility requires ongoing inspection, which begins as early as the time of purchase. This is a process that you should implement as a part of your asset maintenance program. You would not want to risk any potenti
    15 Dec
  • PdMA Tip of the Week: Motor Nameplate Tolerance

      Beginning with today's installment, we are proud to feature PdMA's Tip of the Week every Wednesday. PdMA® Corporation is an industry leader in the field of predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring, globally offering electric motor testing instruments. Motor Nameplate Tolerance Have you ever wondered how accurate your motor nameplate speed is? You might be surprised that the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) MG-1 allows +/- 20% of rated slip rpm. Slip is the difference between the synchronous speed of the stator magnetic field and the act
    14 Dec
  • How Does Motor Current Analysis Help Your Motors?

    Several factors contribute to faults in electric motors. These include poor connections, winding contamination, and shorted turns with windings. Such faults start small and insignificant, but these worsen over time when unaddressed. In this case, a motor failure may occur, which impacts business productivity and profits. With these in mind, it is important to perform certain techniques that help prevent electric motor faults and failures. One of these technologies is motor current analysis. This monitors the health and performance of your electric motor. Motor Current Analysis Facts
    13 Dec
  • Why Motor Winding Analysis is Important in Your Facility

    Motor faults and failure can cause disruptions to your business operations, leading to loss of productivity and reduced profits. This is why it is important to perform tests that help prevent interruptions to your facility's operations. This is possible with motor winding analysis. Find out more about this technique and the benefits it offers to your motors in the facility. Preventative Maintenance and Motor Winding Analysis Several techniques can be done for the sake of maintaining the quality of your motors. Motor winding analysis Is one of these processes that you perform as a part of
    08 Dec
  • 5 Ideas to Start on the Path to Energy Efficiency

    Although most households use electricity on an ongoing basis, the industrial sector consumes the majority of the electricity used in the United States. Any industrial facility has the potential for using massive amounts of energy. Those that use the most tend to be industries such as glass, mining, petroleum refinement, metal casting, forest products, chemicals, aluminum, and steel. The process begins with energy coming from an outside resource. Energy produced is from off-site power plants, such as those that use: Steam Electricity Coal Natural gas And other types of f
    06 Dec
  • Ignore Boiler Issues at Your Own Risk!

    A cast iron boiler at your place of business provides you with many years of service. But, there may be some issues that could shorten the life of the boiler and significantly reduce the return on investment. Many of these matters may not only be associated with a shorter boiler life. However, it can also result in boiler accidents, some of which could be quite severe. Common Boiler Problems Some of the common problems related to boilers, leading to shorter boiler life and accident, include the following: Using the Boiler outside of Its Intended Use Not Paying Attention to Water
    01 Dec
  • Do You Know How Damaging an In-Rush Current is?

    There are many potential problems when operating electrical devices at your place of business, including electric motors. Correcting any issues that exist can help to save money, reduce the amount of energy that you are using and limit the possibility of unexpected equipment failure and the downtime that goes along with it. One issue that damages electric motors is in-rush current. Problems with In-Rush Current Other terms for in-rush current include switch-on surge or input surge current. It is relatively descriptive of the problem. In-rush current occurs when a motor is first energi
    29 Nov