• Bearing Lubrication: Poor maintenance is easy to spot

    Lubricating your bearings properly is an easy way to ensure life can go smoothly - pun intended.  Luckily, there are a number of methods to analyze your bearings. This article gives a good visual of the way bearings heat things up.
    17 Oct
  • Variable Frequency Drives: Reducing Costs and Energy Use

    As mentioned before, here and here, VFDs are an excellent means to saving money and extending the life of your motor.  Amanda Griffith breaks out the benefits of variable frequency drives. For example: Variable-frequency drives are the most effective energy savers in pump and fan application. In most facilities, centrifugal pumps and fans run at one speed, with an automatic value, or some mechanical means, varying fluid flow rates. With a variable frequency drive, users can change motor speeds electronically. By adjusting a pump or fan speed to meet only the desired rate needed, one can signi
    17 Oct
  • New Federal Regulations Affecting Motor Efficiency Standards

    Beginning this December, federal law changes the efficiency standards of motors. The law affects electric motor efficiency in three basic areas: It raises the minimum efficiency level for 1-200 hp motors It sets new federal minimum standards for motors that were not covered by standards previously It creates a new federal minimum standards for NEMA design B motors For more detailed information on these new standards, go here or contact us.
    16 Oct
  • Join us at Booth 303 during next week’s SMRP in Milwaukee!

    The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) has 3700 members worldwide. Their Annual Conference is the largest maintenance & reliability conference in the world and L&S Electric is proud to participate in this year's conference in Milwaukee. Come to our booth, #303 and talk to our professionals to see how our reliability programs can end up saving you equipment costs, downtime, and a lot of headaches! The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP)The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP)
    15 Oct
  • Wisconsin Wind Works Symposium

    [caption id="attachment_245" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="Jeff Wendorf (second from left) during the Panel Discussion at the Wisconsin Wind Works Symposium"][/caption] L&S Electric's VP of Sales and Marketing, Jeff Wendorf, participated in a table discussion in front of over 250 people discussing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tier of Wisconsin Manufacturing and Wind Suppliers. Joining Jeff in the panel were, right to left in the photo above: Dave Lisle, Wausaukee Composites Inc.; Mike Manna, Milwaukee Machine Works Inc.; and Larry Steffens, Merit Gear, LLC.
    13 Oct
  • Vertical Hollowshaft Motors

    Wisconsin is the among the largest cranberry producer in the United States. L&S Electric helps serve their production by selling, and repairing, vertical hollowshaft motors. [caption id="attachment_233" align="alignright" width="156" caption="Hollowshaft Vertical Motor"][/caption] The history of the hollowshaft motor goes back almost 80 years: Introduced in 1922, vertical hollow shaft motors were developed to meet the specific needs of the vertical turbine pump industry. It is believed that Sterling Pump Corporation was the first pump company to work with a motor company (U.S. Electric M
    10 Oct
  • Weekly Poll: Why not buy from somebody

    Last week, we asked what the determining factor to buy a motor. This week, I'd like to know why you would choose NOT to place an order. [polldaddy poll=4001206]
    01 Oct
  • Event: Wind Energy Symposium

    L&S Electric is participating in this year's Wind Energy Symposium, October 13 in Milwaukee. Jeff Wendorf, L&S Electric VP of Sales & Marketing, will be featured in a table discussion regarding aftermarket wind opportunities. For more information, visit the Wisconsin Wind Works website.
    30 Sep
  • Accessing Frame Dimensions for Foot Mounted AC Motors

    L&S Electric has created a page that will allow you to enter your frame designation to determine specific dimensions and weights of your foot mounted AC motor. Please feel free to use this helpful tool and contact us if there is anything we can help you with.
    28 Sep
  • An Overview on Uninterruptible Power Supply

    L&S Electric, along with Access Inc, will be holding several lunch-n-learns in the Fox Valley and Central Wisconsin in the next few months on Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). An Excerpt: An uninterruptible power supply or continuous power supply is a device which provides a continuous supply of electric power to all the connected equipment by supplying power from a separate source when utility power is not available. UPS differs from an auxiliary power supply as auxiliary power supply does not provide instant protection from a momentary power interruption. More..... If you're inte
    27 Sep
  • The Baldor Super-E Motors

    Super-E® Motors with AEGIS™ Shaft Grounding Ring 1 to 50 HP, 143T thru 326T With adjustable speed drives becoming more common in the motor industry, people are looking for ways to minimize shaft currents possibly created by adjustable speed applications. One way to minimize these currents is to mount a shaft ground to the motor, requiring either a custom motor or a motor modified in the field. Baldor worked closely with Electro Static Technology in the production of the Super-E Motors with AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring. The grounding ring is uniquely installed internally on the motor. While m
    21 Sep
  • Conferences: La Crosse & Madison

    Join us in the beautiful downtowns of La Crosse and Madison and give us an opportunity to chat! The Wisconsin Healthcare Engineers Association annual conference is downtown La Crosse in the La Crosse Center. The Wisconsin Water Association's annual conference is downtown Madison at the Monona Terrace. Look forward to seeing you!
    14 Sep
  • Shaft Voltage Discharge Testing Provided by L&S Electric

    Bearing damage resulting from shaft currents going to ground through the bearing have become more and more common with in increasing use of variable frequency drive applications in industry. The best measurements to identify problem causing shaft currents are taken with an oscilloscope.  While in operation a probe is placed on an exposed area of the motor shaft to gather the shaft voltage data for analysis. Both DC and AC motors controlled by a variable frequency drive can cause shaft currents.   These shaft currents when going to ground through the bearing can be destructive causing the
    09 Sep
  • REC Line Superintendant’s Conference

    There was an excellent turnout at the conference at the beautiful Florian Gardens in Eau Claire. Our next conference is next Wednesday in La Crosse for the WHEA annual convention, as well as the WWA annual conference in Madison.
    09 Sep
  • Bearing Analysis provided by L&S Electric

    Why a bearing failed can be identified many times by tell tale wear patterns on the bearing components. Reliability can be improved if corrective actions can be implemented from the findings of bearing analysis. To see what kind of analysis L&S Electric provides, please read this PDF of a sample Bearing Analysis Report. Motor’s sent in for repair which you want bearing analyzed: Should your company send a motor into the shop which had failed prematurely or has a history of reliability issues please tag it to have bearings analyzed.  Bearings then are saved for analysis and orientatio
    08 Sep