• Hydro Generator Repairs at L&S Electric-Minneapolis

    Our Minneapolis branch has been busy with several large projects. One big project has been an 1890 vintage GE "inside out" hydro generator. It's called inside out because the DC field is located on the stator, as shown in the photo. The AC voltage is generated in the wound rotor and collected off a set of slip rings. [caption id="attachment_26" align="alignnone" width="216" caption="1890 Vintage GE Inside Out Hydro Generator"][/caption] Minneapolis is also working on a wound rotor for a local power plant that has been VPI processed and has been placed in a rotisserie cart to cure in our lar
    23 Aug
  • A Message to Our Valued Customers

    Legislation passed prohibiting motor manufacturers from producing EPAct motors after December 19, 2010. This decision impacts the availability of specific types of motors. Contact your L&S Electric account representative for a description of the motors covered and how you may be affected by the new legislation.
    20 Aug