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Wide range of Electric Motors


You can choose from a selection of industrial AC and DC electric motors, which are available at L&S Electric.

In fact, we represent the leading electric motor manufacturers in the nation, so you can expect only the finest product that meets your needs and expectations.

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• Definite Purpose
• Medium Voltage
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Electric Motors

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L&S Electric is pleased to offer the broadest range of Industrial AC and DC Electric Motors to our customers.

We feature a selection of industrial AC and DC electric motors for your particular needs. With this type of machine, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy.

At L&S Electric, you are rest assured that our specialists understand more about single and three-phase electric motors, as compared to other companies located in the upper Midwest.

6 Things to Know About Electric Motors

When electric motors are well cared for, not only will they last for years, they provide you with ongoing reliable service. It really doesn’t matter where the motor is used in your place of business; it is important to ensure that it is cared for properly.

Electric motors will last for years and give you regular steady service, providing they are well cared for. It does not matter where they are used; proper care is important.

Here are six things to know about electric motors.


Do: if you need to store your motors for a long time, keep them away from any source of vibration if possible. Try to keep the storage dry and clean and keep an eye on the relative humidity. The moisture in the air will affect the motor.

Don’t: don’t just start the motor up after it has been stored for a long time. Check to see if moisture damaged anything. Also, look at the insulation resistance and check the windings against


Do: perform routine maintenance. Regular maintenance is crucial to extend the life of your motor. Look into starting a predictive and preventative maintenance program.

Do: check shaft alignment every 2,000 hours the motor has been running. As part of a routine maintenance program, inspect the bearings, belts, rotor/stator, and lubrication. Follow the lubrication guidelines provided by the motor manufacturer. Also, inspect brushes, the motor mounts, and have a vibration test performed at least on an annual basis.

Don’t: do not over-lubricate the bearings! Try to prevent the buildup of dust in the cooling passages.


Do: consider the following during the normal operation of your motors:

  • Make sure the minimum loads are normal, so there is rotation of the shaft
  • Consider adding a VFD or soft starter to improve energy efficiency, cut expenses, and save wear and tear on the motor.
  • Should the motor fail, look at repairing or replacing it. New motors meet the new efficiency standards determined by the US Department of Energy.

Don’t: do not use an oversized motor, which may use more energy and still not perform very well. Always use an electric motor that is sized properly and fits your specific needs.

Do: keep an ear out for any strange or new noises. If you hear something that you have not before, it may be a sign that the shaft or bearings are damaged.

This is not a complete list, but it does cover some key information to keep your electric motor running properly.

If you have any questions or need some advice, let us know, and we will help.

Manufacturers Represented

  • ABB/Baldor/Reliance
  • A.O. Smith/Century Electric
  • Baylor
  • Elektrim
  • Emerson
  • General Electric
  • Hitachi
  • Lafert North America
  • Leeson
  • Leroy Somer
  • Marathon Electric
  • Nidec/US Motors
  • North American Electric
  • Reuland
  • Teco-Westinghouse
  • Worldwide Electric
  • WEG

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