Making an educated choice on shaft seals

 Making an educated choice on shaft seals (via: Wylio)
From Russ Kratowicz, P.E., CMRP, executive editor,

“Many processing units, including pumps, compressors and blowers, depend on rotating shafts to operate safely and productively. These shafts must be equipped with reliable seals to prevent releases of potentially hazardous materials.”

Specific seal types and models vary significantly from industry to industry, because the pump type, operating conditions and fluid characteristics might require the design features that are unique to a specific seal type,” says Michael Huebner principal engineer at Flowserve. “For example, if a seal fails because of a bearing failure, does that count as a seal failure? Bearing failures frequently result in failure of packing and mechanical shaft seals.“.

Dan Towse, senior consultant at T.A. Cook’s consulting office in Raleigh, North Carolina cuts to the chase.

“The predominant seal failures are caused by poor equipment condition and operation of the seal outside of the seal’s rated operating window. Most seal failures can be addressed by ensuring pumps are in good condition, the seal OEM understands the application and the user operates the equipment correctly.”

Maintenance teams have been focused on predictive technologies for many years now.

It’s a good article, please read the whole thing.

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