Motor Current Analysis

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Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) is a detection and diagnostic method that is used to analyze faults in electrical motors. This technology enables the testing of operating equipment to identify rotor bar and high resistance joint problems. As a preventative maintenance tool, MCSA can be used to perform a one-time test or periodic testing to track and trend motor performance. MCSA allows for remote, non-intrusive, testing of the equipment being monitored. The test analyzes the current waveform using complex mathematics.

Motor Current Analysis Motor Current Analysis

Sample diagnostic spectrum

Motor Current Signature Analysis is a very effective tool for monitoring and trending the degradation of AC motor rotors. MCSA can also provide savings in power consumption by providing the most efficient motors, which cost less to operate. MCSA is a very inexpensive program that can show quick returns on investment and help to provide maintenance management with a better reliability based maintenance program.


  • Current analysis is performed on motors operating under normal working conditions. This allows for easy scheduling and very accurate test results.
  • Motors can be scheduled for repair, reducing downtime and the cost of catastrophic failures.
  • Test results are stored in our computerized Predictive Maintenance Database for trending or future use.
  • Current analysis can be used in conjunction with vibration analysis to help identify electrical vibration problems.

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