One to Rule Over All: Motor Control Center

A motor control center is a congregation of one or more encaged sections that have a universal power bus and one that primarily contains motor control units. These control centers are in used modern practice for factory assembly of numerous motor starters. It can include metering, programmable controllers and variable frequency drives (VFDs) as well as provide the building’s electrical service entrance. Motor control centers are typically employed for low voltage three-phase sporadic current motors.

motor control center One to Rule Over All: Motor Control CenterMotor control centers are used in several commercial and industrial applications, wherein extremely dirty or corrosive and acidic processes are used. A motor control center can be set up in a detached air-conditioned room or it can be installed adjoining the factory’s machinery control room.

Very big controllers may be secured in place but smaller sized controllers can be easily unplugged from the cabinet during maintenance or testing. Each motor control center contains a solid-state motor controller that protects the motor and fuses the circuit breaker to supply effective short-circuit protection. A disconnecting switch is also included to properly detach the motor circuit.

Each motor control center’s motor controller can be particularly identified with a variety of different options like disconnected pilot lamps, control transformers, additional control terminal blocks, several control switches, a variety of solid-state overload protection relay types, or an assortment of power fuses classes or circuit breakers types.

A motor control center can be provided ready to connect with all field wiring installed or it can be assembled or customized with interlocking wiring and internal control to a programmable controller or a central control terminal panel board.

Automated motor control panels used for motor control centers can be configured in different ways, based on every company’s requirements. These are custom-engineered systems that are designed for exceptional applications.

Every building requires one system that rules all motor machineries and the advent of motor control centers is one of the best thing that every happened to the technology industry. These centers allow each building to effectively monitor and maintain the entire construction systems.

Motor control centers allow it to easily disconnect each load individually, while providing the opportunity for the whole process to be controlled by a single control system.

Motor control centers are planned to provide optimum performance and applications cost that necessitate the control of several motors systems.  The concept of motor control center is to minimize installation costs and facility space requirements while maintaining serviceability and performance.  These centers also offer total process control design and execution services for an absolute system solution.  

Benefits of Highly Maintained Motor Control Centers

Motor control centers are every company engineer’s problem. They are full of breakers, control power transformers, contactors, and similar machine components that are responsible for the starting and stopping the motors that are running within a factory or a building. These components though do get worn out or some have the tendency to be misaligned, these issues can cause the motors to cease from working and when that happens, production shutdown is inevitable.

Every motor control center must be properly and effectively maintain in order to minimize the possibility of system downtime and to eliminate the occurrence of nuisance device problems. Prevention of equipment malfunction or damage is also highly possible if a motor control center is highly maintained because the practice allows for increased and developed system protection method. The main advantage of a highly maintained motor control center is ensuring the safety of the company personnel.

It is therefore important for every factory or company engineer to ensure that their motor control centers are regularly checked for misalignments and other possible mechanical issues.

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