Predictive Maintenance: Laser Belt Pulley Alignment

Mining Pulley  Predictive Maintenance: Laser Belt Pulley AlignmentNoisy, shaky, misaligned pulleys, belts, and bearings are more than a nuisance. They are the cause of expensive downtime, short equipment life, and inefficient operation. If you experience these problems, ask us about our laser alignment services for belts and pulleys.

Pulley systems were invented sometime in the 1st century B.C.E., and they have been aligned by sight since the days of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. However, attempting such traditional, low-tech methods on today’s precision machinery involves plenty of trial and error, naked eye observation and plenty of guesstimation. Hence, major disadvantages of traditional belt and pulley alignment include both inaccuracy and wasted effort. In addition, some belt manufacturer’s today recommend maximum misalignment of no more than 0.25-0.5º, which is to say the least, difficult if not impossible to achieve solely using the naked eye or straight edge methodology.

In spite of its advantages, belt alignment is an underrated and underutilized necessity that extends the life of your rotating equipment. And yet, traditional, low-tech methods involve plenty of trial and error, naked eye approximation, and estimate. All produce a wide margin for error, which is unacceptable for precision pulley alignment. However, in today’s aggressive global market, can you genuinely afford to gamble your productivity, profitability, and reputation on the naked eye observations of an employee?

Since 1998, laser alignment is the industry standard method for accurately realigning belts, pulleys, sheaves, sprocket drives, and other wear components.

Benefits of Laser Belt Pulley Alignment

  • Enhanced Predictive Maintenance (PdM) program
  • Prolonged machinery life
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Maximized uptime
  • 5-20% Energy Savings

L&S Electric is the clear choice for all your laser alignment needs. We thoroughly check each machine before starting the alignment process, and we align your machines without having to remove the belts. Since wobbly or warped pulleys greatly affect alignment quality, we can check each pulley to ensure proper mounting on the shafts and that the shafts are straight. To compensate pulleys of differing wall thicknesses, we use adjustable magnetic targets. Our Belt Alignment Tool is magnetically mounted against the side of one of the pulleys and the targets against the side of the opposite pulley. Laser alignment achieved with calibrated industrial lasers that meet all the latest international standards. The laser-line projected from the end of the tool onto the targets allows us to quickly ascertain and correct any angular, offset and twist misalignment between the pulleys.

Advantages of Laser Belt Pulley Alignment

  • Vertical angle, horizontal angle and offset simultaneously and accurately from the pulley grooves where the belts operate;
  • Measure pulley diameters 3″ and larger, and;
  • Measure belt distances from 6 inches to 20 feet.

In addition, we help you reduce maintenance personnel training costs. When our job is done, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings along with the solutions necessary to fix any problems we find.

Every day that extends the service life of your rotating equipment can save your company money.[subscribe2]


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