Roundup of Process Safety Thoughts and Ideas

Jim Cahill excerpts several posts regarding safety, process and standards, as well as feature links to other posts.

Jim does spotlight one global standard: the IEC 61511 Safety Lifecycle Standard. In linking to a previous post, Cahill quotes another Emerson family member, Tadeu Batista:

In the first lifecycle period, we analyse the risks involved in running the plant. First, we must decide how much safety risk we can tolerate; optionally, we can also consider other types of harm such as environmental damage, downtime, equipment damage and loss of reputation. Zero risk is not a meaningful target, because it is unachievable…

Safety programs may have their initial expenses, but Cahill said they’re worth it and provides more material to consider:

Having a robust safety program requires competency of all the people responsible at every stage of the safety lifecycle. In a post, Ways to Build Process Safety Competency, it highlights recent presentations from safety experts at exida andKenexis. The post includes links to an excellent 6-part narrated presentation series by Emerson’s Mike Boudreaux on the IEC 61511 safety lifecycle including an introductionfunctional safety basicssafety lifecycle managementanalysis phaseimplementation phase, and operation phase.

As always, Jim Cahill provides an excellent look into an important topic. Please read the whole thing.

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