Transformer Repair

The need for transformer repair

transformer 02 mini Transformer RepairTransformers are normally varied in sizes and they are the heart of all the power systems. Due to the fact that they are critical and very expensive, they play a very important role in the delivery of power in the network system as a whole. If the transformers are subjected to some adverse conditions, than damages may occur. Therefore, transformer maintenance and their proper installation is very critical in extending the life of the transformer. Getting skilled and experienced technicians to do this may be of good help and service.

Before looking at the need for transformer repair service, it is important to first of all look at the economic impacts of a transformer failure. [highlight color="blue"] There are two major types and they include the direct economic impact of replacing the transformer and the indirect economic impact because of the production loss. [/highlight] The operating conditions of the transformer like overloads often lead to the failures. Abnormal operating conditions also play a major role in its operations. Adequate protection is therefore imperative in the qualitative life of a transformer.

Any machine that is man-made is prone to wear and tear. It is for this reason that having a qualified repair person on your speed dial in case anything occurs. We cannot prevent transformer damages and wear because some of the situations are unavoidable. The important thing that should be noted is getting a qualified repair person.

There are many requirements for transformer repair. Some are:

  • [highlight color="blue"] To increase the efficiency of the transformer [/highlight] . Transformers need to be repaired so to increase their efficiency. If ignored, the transformers may develop further complications and lead to total breakdown. Some of the repair areas that help in increasing the efficiency of the transformers include the AC and DC motors, the gearboxes and blowers, wound rotor and submersible motors.
  • [highlight color="blue"] Another requirement for transformer repair is in regards to in saving of time and money [/highlight] . An effective preventive transformer maintenance and repair program involves the scheduling of routine inspections and checkups done on a regular basis. Even the small problems can be very severe if they are left untouched. This leads to the harsh damages that results in expenses that could have been avoided if they were repaired in time. Big gadgets like transformers can be a dangerous hazard if proper repair is not done. It can lead to fires and deaths if care is not taken.
  • [highlight color="blue"] Repairs done on transformers lead to a safer environment [/highlight] . Not only will preventive transformer maintenance save time and money, but it enhances a safer environment. The risk of any hazard is efficiently reduced and the vicinity of the transformer remains safe.

transformer 01 mini Transformer RepairTransformers need repair now and then in order to keep them working properly. A transformer that does not work properly is not very safe. If an industry depends on it as a source of power transmission, then losses can be incurred. Transformer repair is very important so as to keep everything in an industry running very well.

Some causes of transformer failure include the following:

  • Terminal failures these are as a result of open leads, loose connections and short circuits.
  • Winding failures that result from short circuits.
  • Core faults, external faults and abnormal operating conditions.

L&S Electric provides thorough repair services for almost all types of transformers. For more information, please contact us.

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