• Arc Flash Prevention an Increasing Concern

    According to OSHA, 80% of electrically related accidents and fatalities are caused by industrial arc flash events. Despite such high incident occurrences, past surveys told us that it wasn't until recent times that protection from arc flash became a priority to plant professionals. However, as times changed, so did the answer to that survey question. Even 10 years ago, arc flash danger wasn’t at the top of many minds, but today 85 percent of the 825 survey respondents agree or strongly agree that arc flash mitigation is important. Not only has awareness increased; plant managers and
    28 Jul
  • Getting to Know Rare Earth Metals

    On Wednesday, we talked about the types of rare earth metals. What are rare earth metals, and why are they significant in modern technologies? Moreover, how do industries – and the environment - benefit from these elements? Today, we'll discuss the key features of rare earths, their benefits and common uses in various industries. Interesting Facts about Rare Earth Metals Rare earth metals are non-toxic substances that are naturally found in our planet. These are known for their extraordinary properties that make them useful in recent technologies. In addition, these metals play a role i
    25 Jul
  • A Look at the Different Rare Earth Metals

    In most modern technologies such advanced transportation and electric motors, rare earth metals are now used for a wide range of applications. These components are known for their magnetic and electrochemical properties, which enhance the performance of various industrial equipment with minima weight and emissions. Furthermore, they offer superior efficiency, durability, performance and speed to several pieces of equipment used in a number of industries. With the use of rare earth elements, technologies can support economic growth while improving the standards of living of people throughout
    23 Jul
  • Avoiding Bearing Misalignment

    When travelling over an ocean in a ship, precise navigation, using a compass, are necessary to successfully reach a destination. If your course is off even a few degrees, you'll end up quite a distance away from your goal. This analogy holds true in the rotating apparatus world. If you're using either an electric motor or pump, misaligned bearings, even a minute misalignment, can lead to problems. Ryan Thomas, writing at Pumps & Systems, explains the relationship between properly aligned bearings and pumps. Although Thomas focuses on rolling bearings, any bearings suffer from mi
    21 Jul
  • Another Look: Preventative vs Predictive Maintenance

    In any type of large-scale operation, it is important to ensure that the equipment is up and running at any given time. This is also true of smaller operations. If the equipment should happen to go down, it could cause the entire assembly line to grind to a halt, which would be both costly and inconvenient. Typically, the machinery used within your business can be kept in working order on a consistent basis by either using predictive maintenance or preventative maintenance. As you will learn, there are some significant differences between these two types of maintenance structures and each o
    18 Jul
  • Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Motor Alive

    It may sound like old hat, but a consistently good maintenance program, including predictive and preventative maintenance, helps you know the health of your motor and, hopefully, how long that health lasts. To give some ideas on some ways to keep an eye on your motors, here are three articles providing some insight on what can be done to maintain motor health. First up, from our friends at Ludeca. Healthy bearings can go a long way and proper lubrication keeps them healthy. Lubrication Everyone knows that lubrication is crucial to the life of a bearing. Two common types of bearing
    16 Jul
  • The Types & Benefits of Motor Controls

    Last week, we talked about the impact VFD cables have on their environment. VFDs, as you know, are one method of controlling motors providing a variety of benefits. Drives are not the only method of motor control, but one option among many. Schneider Electric's Fabrice Meunier, writing at the Automation website, explores the different options for controlling motors and the benefits they provide. Contrary to the world's challenged economic health, energy costs continue to escalate. Better management of energy consumption and the reduction of resultant costs will be an essential component
    14 Jul
  • The Relevancy of Predictive Maintenance

    As each generation of people grows older and further away from previous generations, the skills and knowledge passed down become a foundation of experience for the younger generations. Some of the methods and techniques, however, become antiquated and no longer relevant in today's fast-paced world. One adage that almost all families hear from their grandparents or parents is, if you take care of "it" you'll have it for a long time. An old saying, coincidentally enough, that holds true with predictive maintenance on your industrial equipment. Bala Deshpande, writes that predictive maintenan
    11 Jul
  • Paper Mills: Keeping 6 Moves Ahead

    Exceptional chess players are meticulous in their strategy typically planning their attack with an idea of what they're going to do in the next six moves. Forward thinking and confidence differentiate the exceptional players from the really good players. Running a paper mill and playing the game of chess are two things not even remotely related. However, to survive, many paper mills are thinking ahead about their electrical usage. It takes a lot of electrical power to run a paper mill. The mill that is able to generate electrical power on its own finds themselves in a very good place.
    09 Jul
  • Check out our new look!

    L&S Electric's website has a new look and feel, and hopefully an easier navigational layout. In our previous online incarnation, we had separate websites for our "motor side" and "hydro solutions" divisions. Our new site combines these divisions under the #L&SElectric umbrella. This project was completed with two Wausau area companies. StudioX completed the design and Digital Dialogue performed the programming. Take some time and browse through our site to give you a better idea of our vast number of products and services.  
    08 Jul