• 7 Ways to Help Avoid Potentially Deadly Hazards

      Workplace injuries due to electrical hazards are more than a possibility; they are a reality in many areas. In fact, there are thousands of people injured or worse every year. Often, preventing injuries is as simple as recognizing the possible hazards and taking appropriate measures.   Making your team aware of the potential electrical hazards at your place of business goes a long way to reducing injury and other problems. Fortunately, there are only a few things to remember to prevent most of the problems. Avoiding Potential Hazards Turn the Power Off Although it
    22 Jun
  • Differences Between Electric Motors and Generators

    Once an experimental novelty, electricity is now an utterly indispensable part of modern life. Providing us with lighting, climate control, entertainment, and more, it’s hard to imagine life without it. To provide electrical power, energy is converted from other forms into electricity, powering the systems and devices we often take for granted. Converting energy from one form to another is the key to understanding the differences between electric motors and generators. An electric motor converts electricity into mechanical energy, providing a power source for machinery. A generator do
    20 Jun
  • What is Polarization Index Testing

    To ensure the optimum performance and condition of your machinery, it is important to conduct certain tests that can also prevent costly repairs and unexpected downtime. For instance, Polarization Index Testing is one of these techniques that you can do to keep your machines working properly. Here, we discuss more Polarization Index Testing, its benefits, and uses. Overview of Polarization Index Testing Polarization Index or PI testing is designed to check specific issues in a motor including moisture, motor fitness, suitability of the operation, and the gradual insulation deterioration
    15 Jun
  • Old LV or MV Switchgear? 8 Things to Consider

    Any downtime costs you in many ways. One of the most obvious ways is financial. Unexpected downtime could result in a significant and measurable cost. A loss of productivity goes hand-in-hand with those financial losses. Like many other issues that affect your facility and your business. To maintain peak efficiency and productivity, many on look to replacing aging or inadequate LV and MV switchgear equipment. In doing so, they avoid expensive, unexpected downtime that costs their company in more ways than one. Maintaining and upgrading the electrical equipment can also produce extra ben
    13 Jun
  • 6 Tips to Reduce Maintenance Costs

    One of the best decisions you can make for any industrial facility is to implement a preventative maintenance program. Any ongoing maintenance saves both time and money. That doesn't mean it is not an expensive part of doing business. One way to increase your ROI in maintenance costs is to reduce what you're spending. Here are some strategies that help you to do so. Implement Safe Working Practices: One of the most important things you to do for your maintenance crew and your entire staff is to implement safe working practices. At many facilities, cutting corners to speed up the p
    01 Jun
  • What Is the Problem with Counterfeit Bearings?

    Update: The battle against counterfeit ball bearings took a turn for the good recently. Officials in Greece destroyed 15 tons of fake bearings. Counterfeit bearings with a total weight of 15 tons and a market value of approximately EUR 1 000 000 were destroyed in Greece. The bearings were seized as part of a raid at a dealer’s warehouse in the area of Piraeus, with whom SKF had no business relationship during these years. They were destroyed at a metal recycling facility in Greece, by crushing them in a scrap press, to ensure they will not resurface on the market. [embed]https://youtu.be
    23 May
  • Spot Lubrication Warning Signals Before It Is Too Late

    There are many different things to follow as part of a preventative maintenance program. In the end, it is about spotting problems before they become too large of an issue. These issues result in a catastrophic failure of the equipment and the associated downtime. Some of the best ways to test machinery include vibration analysis, IR scanning, and ultrasonic testing. One method used in almost every instance is lubrication testing. Lubrication Testing Keep a close eye on the lubrication for machinery operating at your facility. Regular inspection is imperative for extending machinery l
    16 May
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Facts About Manufacturing | 2017

    Courtesy of the Manufacturing Innovation Blog, here's a look at some facts illustrating the effects of manufacturing in the USA. Every day manufacturing touches some aspect of our lives. Whether it’s contributing $2.2 trillion to the U.S. economy, providing 12.3 million jobs across the country or serving as a major source of U.S. research and development (R&D), there is no denying the importance of the manufacturing industry. With our newly updated Facts About Manufacturing infographic you can learn more about these and other interesting data points.  
    11 May
  • Soft Starter 101: How do they work?

    Motor damage takes place as a result of mechanical wear and tear and huge inrush currents. Typically, VFDs help prevent wear and tear to mechanical components. VFDs slow starting and stopping of the drive train. A soft starter is a viable option if it is impossible to use a VFD with a motor. A soft starter minimizes the initial impact that a motor receives upon starting. The soft starter eases that impact once the operation stops. How do Soft Starters Work? Motor-driven applications rely on VFDs or soft starters. These devices prevent damage, or a significant amount of stress, to the
    09 May
  • Common Sense Reasons to Start a Reliability Program

    In any industry, many factors come together to make for a smooth running operation. Some of these factors include workplace safety, business costs, and routine equipment maintenance. Many of these factors work with each other to ensure keeping to a minimum. It is also important to install a reliability program at your place of business as well. [caption id="attachment_66615" align="alignright" width="315"] Vibration Analysis Performed on a Motor[/caption] One of the key ways to start a reliability program is to ensure it works in conjunction with maintenance. Often, maintenance has
    04 May
  • Do You Know How Critical Brushes are to a DC Motor?

    A DC motor has several components, and each serves an important role in ensuring its proper function and efficient performance. One of these is the carbon brush. We will find out more about its essential role inside a DC motor as explained below. Carbon Brush Basics In DC motors, a carbon brush plays a critical role. The brush makes sure the commutation process remains free from sparks. This contact is a sliding contact capable of transmitting electric current from static to the rotating part of a generator or electric motor. A single or several carbon blocks composes a brush. The brus
    02 May
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of AC Generators

    Most commercial areas rely on AC to power a wide range of electrical appliances and pieces of equipment. AC results from the movement of the electrical charge through a medium. The direction of movement varies over time. This variation is not the case with DC since it only involves a single direction for its movement. AC Generator Basics An AC generator is a type of electromagnetic device, responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical power, essential in electromagnetic induction applications. This device comes with a rectangular coil of wire, and this component rotates
    27 Apr
  • What Role do Laminations Play in Electric Motors and Generators?

    In a DC motor, there is an iron core in a ring shape. Once the core rotates in a magnetic field, this generates a voltage in the coils that results in eddy current. In simpler terms, eddy currents are a type of magnetic loss. When losing power due to eddy current flow, this condition is called eddy current loss. Multiple factors impact the amount of power loss attributed to the flow of eddy current These include the magnetic material's thickness, the frequency of the EMF induced, and the density of the magnetic flux. What are Laminations in Motors? The resistance of the material in wh
    25 Apr
  • Keeping us Safe One Sheet at a Time: MSDS

    A Material Safety Data Sheet is a vital element for anyone that works with a potentially dangerous material. It keeps the area safe, and when included with the right training, helps provide a safer and more eco-friendly work environment. What is a Material Safety Data Sheet? A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that explains details about possible occupational hazards that might hinder the well-being and safety of workers. The documentation is not designed for consumers, but instead those who work around or with a particular substance that could be possibly dangerous.
    20 Apr
  • Difference Between the Types of Explosion-Proof Motors

      It is important to choose the right type of motor to use on a site where there are explosive vapors or gasses nearby. In such locations where there is ignitable dust, be careful to select special motors to prevent hazards once an internal fault occurs during operations. In this article, we look into explosion-proof motors along with the differences between each. Basics on Explosion-Proof Motors The term explosion-proof refers to motors that approved for use in Class 1 locations. These sites have with potential explosive or ignitable vapors and gasses present throughout the p
    18 Apr