• The Relevancy of Predictive Maintenance

    As each generation of people grows older and further away from previous generations, the skills and knowledge passed down become a foundation of experience for the younger generations. Some of the methods and techniques, however, become antiquated and no longer relevant in today's fast-paced world. One adage that almost all families hear from their grandparents or parents is, if you take care of "it" you'll have it for a long time. An old saying, coincidentally enough, that holds true with predictive maintenance on your industrial equipment. Bala Deshpande, writes that predictive maintenan
    11 Jul
  • Paper Mills: Keeping 6 Moves Ahead

    Exceptional chess players are meticulous in their strategy typically planning their attack with an idea of what they're going to do in the next six moves. Forward thinking and confidence differentiate the exceptional players from the really good players. Running a paper mill and playing the game of chess are two things not even remotely related. However, to survive, many paper mills are thinking ahead about their electrical usage. It takes a lot of electrical power to run a paper mill. The mill that is able to generate electrical power on its own finds themselves in a very good place.
    09 Jul
  • Check out our new look!

    L&S Electric's website has a new look and feel, and hopefully an easier navigational layout. In our previous online incarnation, we had separate websites for our "motor side" and "hydro solutions" divisions. Our new site combines these divisions under the #L&SElectric umbrella. This project was completed with two Wausau area companies. StudioX completed the design and Digital Dialogue performed the programming. Take some time and browse through our site to give you a better idea of our vast number of products and services.  
    08 Jul
  • If an Electric Motor Fails, What Will it Tell You?

    If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If an electric motor fails, what does it say? As it turns out, a failed electric motor says quite a bit. UE Systems identifies 50 failure modes, if correctly interpreted and acted upon, can extend the life of an electric motor. Electric motors are essential to numerous plants operations, no matter the industry, which is why understanding their 50 failure modes can help you develop a better maintenance program in your plant. Electric motors are essential for making sure that plants are running smoothly and effectively. If one fails, it
    07 Jul
  • Independence Day!

    From our family to yours, have a safe and happy July 4th celebration!
    04 Jul
  • VFD Cables: Their Impact

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) have been around for around 40 years and have led to some pretty good benefits along with some not-so-good things. Dan Schwartz writes a very good piece exploring how VFD cables impact items around them. VFD systems are complex, involving many components and variables such as drive types and specifications, filter or reactor installation, cable lengths, and proximity to other electronics. Additional variables include the type of cable glands, terminations, high-frequency bonding straps and installation variables. Let’s take a closer look at how #VFD c
    02 Jul
  • Gearing: The True Workhorses of Manufacturing

    Visit any manufacturing facility and you'll undoubtedly see some electric motors. Depending upon how those motors are used, you're more than likely to see a gearbox. What motors do to electrical power, gearbox is to mechanical power. While electric motors get all the energy efficiency news, gearing products, such as gearboxes, play an important part as well. Knowing your applications and selecting the correct use of the gearing product increases your chances of successfully reaching the efficiency goals you've set. Kevin McCloskey, writing at Industrial Knowledge Zone, provides some rule
    01 Jul
  • Cold Storage Energy Costs Fall by Using a VFD

    Remember as children running to the ice cream stand in search of a tasty way to cool off? Especially hot days when you couldn't lick the ice cream fast enough before it melted all over your hands. Without realizing it, we were, and still are, reaping the benefits of the use of cold storage facilities. Cold storage facilities play such a vital part of the food distribution chain, yet remain largely unknown. One of the largest public cold storage (PCS) companies in North America is Interstate Cold Storage (ICS). ICS has five locations in Indiana and Ohio, and nearly 22,000,000 cubic feet of
    25 Jun
  • Predictive Maintenance Checklist

    Predictive maintenance is such a large concept that it can become difficult to discern the "what" and "whens" of a program.  The L&S Electric Reliability Services team does provide a recommended time frame to schedule most predictive maintenance tasks. Taking our schedule further, Lisa Richards recommends creating a checklist. Actually, she calls it "Your Ultimate Predictive Maintenance Checklist." If you work in the reliability industry as a facility manager, then you know the importance of preventative maintenance, not only in the realm of machines and equipment but in terms of
    25 Jun
  • How Temperature Effects Mounted Bearings

    Heat causes many reactions to a variety of things. To a human, being too warm may indicate a fever. To a car, heat may represent a steaming radiator. For #Bearings, however, heat does not necessarily represent a bad thing. An article written by David Boyer, Rexnord Corporation, lays out the relationship between temperature and bearings. "I can't lay my hand on the bearing because it's operating too hot!" While this is a commonly heard complaint, most sleeve and rolling element bearings can operate successfully at temperatures well above the pain threshold of a human hand. The stabilize
    18 Jun