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L&S Electric Menominee

L&S Electric Menominee services customers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with complete motor repair and an inventory of electric motors up to 200 HP.

L&S Electric Minneapolis

Covering central and southern Minnesota, L&S Electric's Minneapolis location offers complete repair services and is home to its western team of Power Service personnel.

L&S Electric Duluth

L&S Electric Duluth covers northern Minnesota, home to a multitude of mining sites. To help keep local customers running, Duluth maintains an inventory of motors up to 200 HP.  

L&S Electric Sturtevant

Our Sturtevant location covers the southern portion of Wisconsin south of Madison, northern Illinois, and Iowa. In addition to complete motor, pump, blower, and gearbox repair, L&S Electric Sturtevant is ULĀ® Listed for its repair of explosion-proof motors. Sturtevant also features a control panel manufacturing team.

L&S Electric Appleton

Our Appleton location services customers in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley with complete motor, pump, centrifugal blower, and gearbox repair. In addition to these repair services, L&S Electric Appleton is home to our eastern Wisconsin Reliability Services team.  

L&S Electric Corporate Office

L&S Electric, Inc. is a family-owned company created in 1983 by the merger of two companies from Wausau, Wisconsin: Leverance Electric and Snapp Electric, founded in 1931 and 1925 respectively. Over the years, L&S Electric has consistently grown by expanding its facilities, developing diverse product offerings, and through the dedication of our employees. Each of our corporate divisions offers complimentary services, including hydro solutions, rotating apparatus repair, power a